Things that make me happy

I think I may turn Things That Make Me Happy into a monthly post. Simple, extravagant, small or large it can be anything. It just feels good to enjoy the moment and try to find a little happiness in normal things. Perhaps that it why I am a little addicted to instagram lately too, it encourages snapshots of beautiful moments. So please feel free to start your own Things That Make Me Happy post and link me in the comments (maybe next month I'll get set up with a real link tool if I remember), if you don't have a blog I'd still love to hear your list so feel to simply type it as a comment! Let's spread a little happiness together~

One thing I hear a lot from people who are skeptical about white interiors are "it can feel cold" or "it lacks personality". Obviously, we all know that that doesn't have to be the case. But even if it seems to lack the 'vibrancy' that more colorful homes have to outsiders, I am content because it feels colorful to me thanks to the lives and memories we share here. I like to think I am a colorful person, so I guess that I like my family and I to take center stage, not our furniture. Is a white home for everyone? NOPE, but neither are colorful homes. 

Our daily life feels extremely brilliant, these are just a few of the moments and reasons that make if feel so bright and colorful!

{Cherries in a Delphite Sundae Cup}
my absolute favorite snack, if only they were in season year round.

{gathering inspiration from a new book on a lazy, sunny afternoon}
too many ideas, not enough time.

{finding a forgotten new candle in a drawer}
perfect timing! My last one just took it's last breath.

{getting ready to hit the splash park on a hot day}
let's hope all my spinning has paid off!

{discovering a delicious new KCup}
finding it on sale for $6/box made it that much sweeter. Please believe that I bought several boxes!

{why my kitchen window is open 24/7}
too bad it wasn't 365 as well. But I'll enjoy every last minute of this scent floating through the house.