Vintage Jar Hurricanes

I am always intrigued by the simple ingenuity behind the displays at Anthropologie. "How come I didn't think of that?" is usually a common thought, often followed by "I'm gonna try that someday!"

I like that they always use household items or things that are readily and easily found. One of their best ideas in my opinion is their candle displays. They usually have one of their delicious scents burning from within a jar loaded with beans, sand or rice to keep things safe for shoppers.

So instead of waiting for someday I  decided that today was the day to make it happen!

My trusty assistant was ready for action (still in her PJs) when we decided to put our plan in action, despite the fact we didn't actually need any tools. But if we did she would have been all over it.

{ Love ya Wrenny girl! }

I have had a slowly mounting pile of jars since last Summer. Some were cast offs from family members and others came home as part of larger lots I won at auction. I had plans to make the biggest one into a neat terrarium but for now it will be a hurricane.

I picked up two big bags of rice on our last grocery run, but only used one in the end.
It may sound weird but rice actually looks quite different from brand to brand so I was picky and chose one that was not as 'transluscent', but was more opaque and white.

All set up { without the assistance of any hammers! }

I love the old measurements on the jars. I could see some jute knotted on the neck of the jars as well for added texture, but I was digging the simple beauty of white on white for now.

{ it's all in the details }

These will be perfect on the deck next weekend for a big birthday BBQ we're have for Sean's Birthday.

For the summer they put the fire in fireplace!

Now I'm trying to think what else would be cute "filler" in there...
any suggestions?