Pretty Matchboxes

I think little projects that make the ordinary extraordinary are the funnest ones. By now I am convinced you have all witnessed my well established candle fetish, so it only makes sense that by relation I should love pretty matches. But the truth is I hadn't put any thought into it until  now.

Of course I've seen cute matches around, but spending $5-$10 on something so trivial seems pointless. So I decided it was high time I prettied up some matchboxes of my own. I love this project because I feel candles are one of those perfect gifts you can give for nearly any occasion. If you have a little stash at home you can handle almost any last minute gift with grace and elegance, and the only thing that would make it that much better would be to personalize a matchbox to the recipient, candle or event!

{ my new, pretty matches }

Oh yeah, and this is a super cheap craft/gift! I bought the matches at the dollar store and then headed over to   Creative Scrapbooks, a local store that has a seriously beautiful paper assortment. I coordinated  a cute leopard pattern with some teal glittered paper for a grand total of $2.60 and the rest of the supplies I already had at home. But if you need to make a trip to the craft store here is what else I used:
-a paper cutter (you could use scissors instead)
-a pencil and ruler for measuring and marking
-double sided mounting tape

Overall, this project is basically just like wrapping a present.  But we still need access to the striking material so we have to work around it. Simply cut your paper so that it goes from the edge of the striking material to the other side of the box, with some overhang on the sides to fold in.
Put tape on either side to adhere it. I think glue would be a little tough to work with and keep everything in place while it dries, but hot glue might be a good alternative.
All attached.
The same steps go for the other side, which I chose to do in the coordinating paper, but all one paper would be nice too.

Depending on what colors your paper is the side of the box being white might look good, but I wanted to up the glam factor and did more glitter paper
I didn't do the whole box, just each side. Again, fold in all paper edges for a cleaner look.

There are so many ways to make these even more exciting, using glitter, doing a monogram, the possibilities are endless really! 

All done, my glamorous matches add a little extra sparkle to my bedside candle. More than fragrance, I love the glow of a late night candle. It gives a simplicity to the evening and my routine as I wind down for the day.