A little love for a tiny table

{ a new addition to our family room }

I saw this table at Goodwill a few weeks ago. It was only $4 and what drew me to it initially is that even though it is very small, it is tall! Not many old tables are tall enough for today's furniture, so even without a spot in mind I carted her up to the checkout and brought her home.


I didn't have the motivation to get it done until Ann Marie from The Hob Knobbery (one of our sweet Etsy shop sponsors) sent me a special little parcel. Inside the parcel was one of these pretty calcite knobs. I have to say, the gal knows my weakness: pretty hardware. I just can't say no to it even when I don't have a project lined up... reason #1,203,438 I stay away from Anthropologie sale racks unless absolutely necessary!

{ I got to work pretty much immediately after opening the mail }

ps- I took A LOT of pics to FINALLY get our Verathane step covered in paint perfection. Look for that post next week!!

All done, knob installed, I found a little spot in our family room for it.

Isn't that knob lovely? I love the texture and natural element it brings to the room. 

When it comes to white/neutral rooms, the thing that you need to pay the most attention to is making sure you layer textures throughout. Rough, shiny, smooth, plush, worn, soft, you need to have it all. I find this is the area that does not come as easily to me and I need to make an effort to keep it varied. 

Thank you so much Ann Marie!! I am so in love with this little table and it is all thanks to your special knob~

It is nice to have a spot to put a drink when I am sitting at the sofa now.

Also, I want to thank my Aunt Carol who has increased my little antler collection recently. I particularly love this old, bleached, worn one.

The drapes seem to be closed almost constantly these days. A necessity with the heat. I voluntarily took down the ugly, old, brown venetian blinds last year during the ceiling/kitchen reno in here. I haven't looked back or missed the darker, yet cooler room it brought. Simple is usually best in my world.