I'm doing what?

I want to start a new regular post today. Not sure how often it will be, but like "things that make me happy" I'm guessing it will be monthly or biweekly. Somewhere in that range. It is like "things that make me happy" in many ways, except it will focus more on activities, not on things (duh!), so going forward there will be more 'things' in one and activities/what I'm doing in another. Sounds repetitive? It may be a little but I love catching little moments here and there, but not every photo necessarily deserves a blog post so here is my solution. I share a lot of them on Instagram as they happen as well, so check there for sneak peeks (and likewise I apologize to those who've already seen some).

Ready to rewind my week? Here we go!

Can you believe it's almost Christmas? Well, not quite, but it is sure coming up quickly this year. This whole year happened in the blink of an eye for me. I am not one to decorate early, but I have been picking up some new red/white themed decor this week. It is the best time to scour the thrift stores for good stuff because it isn't picked over yet!! I have gotten a lot of good stuff, and some neat things I have projects lined up for. I am also really excited to get decorating this season as I'm partnering with Ikea to bring a Swedish touch to our holiday this year.

Also on my Holiday to-do list, I got all my holiday bulbs planted this week. Some years I wait too long to get this going and by then the bulbs are past their prime or sold out. So I felt pretty proud to stay on top of it this year. I also cleaned out a bunch of candle containers this week from candles I've used up. The sweater pot is one those gems. Just another reason I justify my candle obsession.

Wren is practicing the age old tradition of letter writing. We need to write Santa a letter still, but she got all her best friends covered with these beautiful 'notes'.

Is it Fall? Is it Winter? We can't seem to make up our minds up here in the prairies. Winter wonderland one day, slushy the next. I have come to rely on my rain boots more than ever, but they're not that warm so I have to double up on the socks on cold days. Sounds ridiculous, but it is SOOOO comfy.

Went to a big Antique sale and found some salvage goodies. I have no particular use for a heavy metal letter 'G' but it will get loved all the same. Pristine, perfect antiques are still all the rage here so I was able to bring this guy home along with some beautifully rumpled antique silk fair ribbons for just a few bucks. A treasure hunter never sleeps, I tell ya!

Buying new clothes for Wren. This girl NEVER.STOPS.GROWING!! I swear this shirt was a dress about 3 weeks ago. I am constantly torn between buying cute as a button stuff in her size or making the poor girl wear clothes two sizes too big just so I don't have to reload her wardrobe once a month! Yet again, thrifting has saved the day and my kept my Christmas fund intact...

So that is what's been keeping my calendar full (aside from Wren's school, ParkView, and the usual suspects). What fun items have been on your calender recently?