I'm Doing What?

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A few shots of odds and ends I've been filling my days with.

Tried my hand at water color painting for some inexpensive art that vibes with the color scheme and look I'm working on in the dining room. I re-used this inexpensive Ikea frame I had laying around and bought a $4 sheet of large water color paper. Now I'm hooked.
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Trying to tame my sweet tooth this summer. It seems to be easier when there is so many healthy options in-season.

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Did I mention I am trying to tame my sweet tooth? Cute marshmallows make it hard.
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Failing at taming my sweet tooth. 
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Wren picked all these roses from the yard (we live in wild rose country (aka Alberta) and they are EVERYWHERE. and they're edible). We jazzed up Sean's birthday cake with a little bundle of them for a cute, summer-y touch. He wasn't super excited about it but all us girls at the party were. Guys...
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Speaking of parties... I am excited that my favorite couple on the planet are tying the knot this weekend!!! Craft paper, chalk and some adhesive chalkboard paper cut in the shape of a heart (also used here and here)  eliminated the need for a card on my shower gift.
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What projects have you been up to? Anything crafty and fun?

I'm doing What?

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I didn't realize that it has been over 2 months since our last edition of "I'm doing what?". Sorry guys! I was in the midst of pulling together a "things that make me happy" post when I realized that most of the items actually belonged in this post.

It is kind of an obvious question to ask me what I've been doing because not only has my last week or two been filled party prep, then clean up, but I share a lot of my days on Instagram.

But, these posts are little snapshots I like to capture of moments around the house. Lately I have been in a mail frenzy. Sending out my first Hey, Oyster orders (THANK YOU!!) as well as receiving a very cool mix of e-friend surprises, belated birthday presents and a really lovely dress I was excited to start rocking from fellow-Albertan run Splurge & Co. The wrapping alone almost felt too pretty to open~

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Wanna know what I was doing last week? Getting called a Diva by my favorite Barrista (is that the right term for a guy barrista? Feels like it should be barristum or barrister or something). I can't tell you how many times Holly has been spelled Holy on my coffee cups so I am just going to start telling them Diva when they ask. Don't even ask what the Shanana part is about.

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Sometimes I need a Diva boost though, specially before heading over to ParkView, because I tend to be a bit of a softie with those guys. And I had to lay down some laws so I brought my Beyonce-fied Diva attitude with me on my last few trips.

I don't rock a mean mug very well.
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I also found a few moments to switch out the kitchen nook rug for an extra Ikea rug I had in the closet. Simple white seems really refreshing and bright for now. Maybe I'll try my hand and Ombre again with this guy in the spring~

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Last, but certainly not least, I have joined the ranks of washi tape addicts! It makes a really cute way to display Wren's art for a few days as she produces new pieces that then take the place of her older creations on the wall. And it saves Momma from finding new spots to lean or place her art!
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A few other things I've been up to but will share in separate posts coming up:
-easy valentines treats
-we FINALLY hung the new light at the front door
-first coat of paint it up on the walls at Parkview and I am in LOVE with the color

I'm Doing What?

It's been busy here! Between enjoying the first real Holiday season weekend, lots of helping at Wren's school, and getting ready for a couple birthdays this month I feel like the days are blending together. But I find myself savoring special moments more and enjoying the simplicity of little things when I take the time to document it. So while I have been updating many of these moments on Instagram as they happen, I love adding them to my virtual scrapbook (aka my blog). 

Mornings are COLD right now. And dark. Don't let our pretty snow fool you, it is a wasteland up here in the tundra! LOTS of hot cocoa and mochas are my only line of defense right now. And a fistful of marshmallows does a soul good.

The one thing I have been LOVING is holiday party season! We had a big party to attend this past weekend and the next few look equally glitzy. I am not really a big holiday outfit shopper so I am trying my hardest to rework and juggle some pieces around into multiple outfits (we will be seeing the same people at several events). These Zara heels from last winter have the perfect amount of sparkle for me, just on the heels.

Wren and I are getting our bake on! She is the perfect age for helping, and the decorating part is beyond fun for her. I am glad that we have so many giggles and fun in the kitchen, it is exactly what I hoped and dreamed for when we started our reno journey years ago.

And speaking of Wren, I love doing little surprises for her. I've said it before, but we don't buy a lot of toys in our house. She has a LOT of books, games and craft supplies but brand new toys only happen as gifts on birthdays, Christmas and Easter. So little surprises like finding her bedroom filled with balloons when she comes home from school so she can pretend she's flying in the clouds are very appreciated and I hope will give her memories to cherish.

If you were to ever ask me what I'm listening to, I'd tell you that I have his three CD album locked on repeat. 
(but I doubt anyone would  ask)

What else am I doing? Devouring boxes of Salted Toffee Cheesecake Pops, of course. 

and wearing thermal underwear. Lots of thermal underwear. 

Finally, I just started a new book. I love a mystery! And a warm blankie. And a fresh cup of mocha. 

Let's be honest, this cup stays full all day.

So that's the long and short of my last couple weeks. What have you been up to?