Birthday Bonanza


While I am still nibbling on left over turkey from the fridge and the after glow of a wonderful Christmas, I have been itching to share some birthday photos with you!

It really is such a divided, hectic holiday season for us with all these birthdays, specially when we take the time to actually separate them (and ourselves) from the holiday season. But it is also a special time of year to surround yourself with friends and family and everyone does seem to be in those fantastic holiday moods... so I'll take the crazy with the good.

Last Saturday was my single best birthday yet. The group was small, 8 in total, and the laughs were plentiful. 

{ a dapper duo }

As they say, one thing led to another...

It all started when I bought the rabbit mask for Wren. She had so much fun in it that I kind of thought it may be fun to do adult versions for my party. I know my friends well, and while they are straight laced professionals in their day to day life they know how to have some silly fun too and they were the perfect way to set the tone for the whole night.

We glittered up our own moustaches with some black craft paper, glue and glitter, then hot glued them to paper straws. 

And I whipped up a quick fox as well for the more adventurous party goers.

A tiny, glittered cowboy hat from Party City rounded out the props.

Remember all that thrift store tinsel and ribbon I scooped up?

Wren and I dedicated an evening to ironing it with some StitchWitchery on to strings and hanging it around the house.

But no party is truly complete in our house without balloons. And as my last birthday in my twenties I went big! with some giant 36 inch balloons.

I got these giant balls of goodness from the darling Ramona over at Sweet Social. She has some super fun and cool party supplies, but these balloons were sooooo amazing. 

Her sweet package was even complete with treats. THANKS again Ramona!!

We had the balloons inflated at a party store, then Wren and I got to work jazzing up the ribbons with everything we could think and craft up!
We made tissue paper tassels...

Foil tassels....
and tied endless ribbons and tinsel strands on. 

The more we could add the better!

Almost party time!
Finally, just before it was time to get ready we set out the treats and while it looked yummy, it didn't really have as much punch as we were looking for so we quickly tossed some food coloring and water into antique bottles around the house.
Wren especially loved this!!

All dressed, waiting on guests to arrive Sean let me open my first present just in time to light it up.

{ he knows me so well }

My suave gentleman.
My bestest, dearest friend for life.

Trying to hold a poker face...

even my smallest guest got in on the fun (kind of, sort of). 

We caught up, laughed and played at the house for some time then made our way all together over to my favorite jazz bar and spent the balance of the evening singing and dancing. 

It was a great reminder to do this more often.

And a VERY happy Birthday to all you other December babies out there. 
I know there are a lot of us!