Kate's Apartment

I have been tight lipped about a project I've been having lots of fun with. Besides the holidays, the birthdays and ParkView (we may just have these things they call walls by the early new year), I have been working together with my Sister in Law, Kate to revamp her condo.

When we do the big unveiling I will show you all the before shots, but here is what we are working towards in her living room and dining room. 

Kate is a really fun, light hearted, mid-twenties girl who lives downtown. We wanted to take advantage of having some small pops of pink around her place since she lives on her own.

Kate wants lots of white, a lot of accessories for a very eclectic, traveled look, and a touch of modern glam. 

The challenge? We are working our tails off to pull off a makeover of her entire place (including her bedroom) for around $1200!! We have a lot of our key pieces already and have thrifted piles and piles of accessories and treasures so our goal is in good shape (so far!). 

Kate is taking of some time from work for the holidays so we can feverishly finish her place by the new year, which is when I am looking forward to sharing it all here!