Real life renovating and our Winner


This has been the scene around here lately. Rooms that usually look so polished and tidy are pulled into a mass of furniture in the center. It isn't because I am redecorating or rearranging. It is because I am FINALLY tackling some of our outstanding reno items. 

Sean and I are what I refer to as 90 percenters. We bust our butts and get a project 90% done. It is finished enough to get on with life and seems like so little left that you tell yourself you will get around to it soon, but just not right now. Because you are sick of living in a reno zone. So before you know it you have everything back where it belongs and the thought of moving it all again to finish up is awfully unappealing. 

But I saw a truly inspiring quote recently that read

{ Do it RIGHT NOW because later will become never }

So true! I have realized that I don't want it to become never. Specially when it really isn't a back breaking amount of work. It is just prioritizing and making it happen. 

So for the past few days I have been going around with my spackle and caulking and painting, finishing baseboard in our bedroom and the kitchen reading nook that were nailed in place years ago but never quite finished. Definitely not rocket science, just tedious and not topping any FUN project lists I've ever made. But it feels good to get it done!

I also want to THANK Tailor and Stylist again for their amazing giveaway! Our winner was entry number 31.

Shoot me off an email at when you see this Ashley!! 
(in the event Ashley doesn't claim her prize I will redraw in 1 week)