Wren's Birthday Invitations Printable

You may recall me saying we were bumping Wren's birthday party this year from Christmas to January. It honestly feels like January just started, but in the blink of an eye it is more than half over and we are just getting around to making party preparations. But it may all work out for the best because Wren has requested a Princess themed birthday party and I am going to tie in a few valentine's elements to the party decor so I can just leave it up. Which will be awesome and easy for me and super duper exciting for the birthday princess!

Wren and I came up with her birthday invitations together over the weekend and they were much faster and easier to do than I had anticipated so I thought I would share our little project with you all.

Of course all good princesses have a fairy tale to tell their tale, and that is where our invitation inspiration comes from. We simply wrote up a little 'fairy tale' using a few pictures so the girls can read them on their own and printed them up on pink craft paper then rolled them into scrolls!

Since it isn't technically Wren's birthday we decided to throw the party 'in honour of' the big day.

Wren handed them out to her friends at school this morning and it was quite a hit with our little guests. 

I shared a snapshot of the invites on Instagram and had a couple requests to share the printable version, so here is the exact one Wren and I whipped up, minus our details, but it was a really fun and fast project if you simply want to tell your own story or make your own version using a mix of words and clipart (I whipped this up in Paint, that is how easy it is!).



These printables are pre-set for the width of a portrait oriented paper, simply put two per page and then cut the page in half.

Hope you have a magical Monday!