Real life renovating and our Winner


This has been the scene around here lately. Rooms that usually look so polished and tidy are pulled into a mass of furniture in the center. It isn't because I am redecorating or rearranging. It is because I am FINALLY tackling some of our outstanding reno items. 

Sean and I are what I refer to as 90 percenters. We bust our butts and get a project 90% done. It is finished enough to get on with life and seems like so little left that you tell yourself you will get around to it soon, but just not right now. Because you are sick of living in a reno zone. So before you know it you have everything back where it belongs and the thought of moving it all again to finish up is awfully unappealing. 

But I saw a truly inspiring quote recently that read

{ Do it RIGHT NOW because later will become never }

So true! I have realized that I don't want it to become never. Specially when it really isn't a back breaking amount of work. It is just prioritizing and making it happen. 

So for the past few days I have been going around with my spackle and caulking and painting, finishing baseboard in our bedroom and the kitchen reading nook that were nailed in place years ago but never quite finished. Definitely not rocket science, just tedious and not topping any FUN project lists I've ever made. But it feels good to get it done!

I also want to THANK Tailor and Stylist again for their amazing giveaway! Our winner was entry number 31.

Shoot me off an email at when you see this Ashley!! 
(in the event Ashley doesn't claim her prize I will redraw in 1 week)

Stripped Down Dresser

I did some interesting refinishing a couple weeks ago. The interesting part was that I stripped it down, but didn't paint it. I felt kind of lost when my work was done at the point I usually feel it is just beginning.

It came about when Sean told me he wanted a different dresser as his night stand. He wanted more storage. 

So I took him on a thrift store run and look what he found! I know it looks JUST like the dresser we already have in there. AND it's already white! But guess what?

This dresser is metal. The whole thing!

We immediately fell in love with it and how unique it was. In years and years of painting furniture I've never ever came across one. I knew they existed, but hadn't ever seen one in person. So I stripped it down, years and years of different paint. ALMOST all the way down. 

Leaving just enough patina to keep it from feeling too tool-chest-like. Once it was done we decided it looked far more lovely in the living room so we were still left hanging for Sean's bedside dresser...

So we moved this new/old dresser upstairs and it feels perfect. 

The wood is the perfect warmth for the room. And he has 3 whole drawers to hold his sock collection!

This is what I call a win-win.

And I will definitely be dragging the poor guy out thrifting way more often if this is what happens!

Fresh Paint in the Master

No, not on the walls (I still love our silver paisley wall paper, which might be a record for the oldest thing in our bedroom!), but on a few furniture items. Mainly this dresser and a mirror.

I still want to eventually find a lower dresser for that side, but for a short term solution I repainted it to coordinate a lot better.

You are probably asking yourself one of two questions:
Doesn't that look familiar?
I don't even know what the dresser looked like originally, so who cares?

Originally I brought the dresser home for $15 but got a lot of old peach and gold paint and  my thumb sliced open in the bargain (long story, but I can tell you I now have an extreme distrust of bungee ties)

My original makeover was a cool grey paint with the Brockhampton knobs from Anthro. It looked great, but was too much grey for our new white/cream/navy scheme.

A bright white paint and a semi gloss finish makes it feel clean and sophisticated now. A much better fit for the space.

The brockhampton knobs were super cool before, but with a little playing I figured out how to open them up and change out the fabric. 

I actually just covered over the plaid with this canvas so that down the line I can go back to the original fabric if I like.

I also painted a new oversized mirror. It was a WAYYY bigger job than the dresser because I always completely remove mirrors from their frames. Just taping and then painting is fine sometimes, but you may notice that when you look at a mirror you can see a bit of the back of the frame reflecting along all the edges so I think it is important to paint the back as well for the best finished product. And let me tell you, this mirror weighs the equivalent of a hippo!

The mirror is actually one of 7 I brought home from an Ethan Allen auction I went to a few weeks ago when they moved to a new location. I was the only bidder and got them for $10! I think I'll put one in the living room at Lexington as well, and you'll love some of the other treasures I bought for it at the auction (which have some how settled in other rooms of our house, funny how that happens). 

I painted it Wheat Bread which I think was from CIL. A nice blend between beige and grey, and it ties in well with the map on our dresser without being too matchy.

The sheer height and scale of it really ups the glam factor.

Two other Lexington purchases that have gotten awfully comfy here are these Urban Barn orchids. I got them the weekend all accessories were an extra 50% off so they were only $16 for both. Can you tell I like to arrange things in couples?

I am really happy with how things have been transforming in here since the start of the year. It is kind of feeling more and more like the calm and soothing hotel suite I never want to leave on a good holiday!

When I get the funny face I know I'm doing something right, so that's a prize unto itself!

If you have been working on a transformation as well please link me in the comments!