It's Friday!! Today I am not just celebrating the end of the week. It is so much more here.
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It is the fact that it FINALLY feels like Spring might be upon us, the fact that Parkview only has a week left until it goes on the market (let's hope it is ready!!!), the fact that we are over the last bout of flu, and the fact that we had another week with our little buddy: Mungkee.

I mentioned it briefly on Instagram yesterday, but we nearly lost our boy this week. Things didn't look good, and the fact that he is older (10) and was dealing with a handful of health issues for the last few week, some of them still unclear, sure had me feeling hopeless and unable to see how long he could continue. Our vet tried a couple new things and he seems to be responding now so I am hopeful that it will sort itself out. But even if not, we had the joy of another week of cuddles and love from the sweetest dog ever (sorry if you also think you have a sweet dog, but I assure you this boy is pure gold!).

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It is a good day in my world.

And I hope it will be a great one in yours.