ParkView via my phone

Hi you!

Life is hectic right now, I am really really eager to get back to my regular blogging schedule! But for now, my days are full nursing Mungkee and Wren back to health (both are STILL sick!), and running around like a crazy lady with ParkView. I haven't had time to bring my camera over there since last week, but I am excited to keep you updated.

Last week I hit all the stone suppliers to pick out counter materials. The options are endless, but I will give you a little hint about what I chose: it is honed again, but not a material I have used before.

This is what I was up to this weekend. I was a little impatient to wait for the finisher to arrive so I unpacked and set up the vanities where I wanted them. Then I realized that I needed the plumbers before I could make any more progress... 

I love the mixing of wood and stone texture in here. It has a really relaxing, zen feel, but once all my chrome fixtures and sconces are up it will have a little hit of bling.

The counters are being templated and installed this week so the kitchen wall cabinetry is all in place.

The crown and kick plates are still waiting to go in, but I am already in love with the layout.

I had ANOTHER Ikea delivery late last week for all my mudroom, laundry room and kitchen island cabinets which now take over the room. I am so thankful they deliver here because I cannot even imagine moving this all by myself and getting it into my SUV.

A tiny step forward for this kitchen, a huge leap for Parkview!

Have a great Tuesday!