Parkview, again!

It is only the second day of the week, but I cannot tell you how much got accomplished already over at ParkView. Not getting accomplished is the gigantic pile of laundry at my own house.

My amazing finisher was finishing up and leaving yesterday, meanwhile the painters were caulking all the trim and doing their final coats of paint, and the plumbers were making some last minute changes work. There was easily twelve people at work there all day which is funny now that I look at the pictures because I didn't get a single photobomb.

All this progress is from Monday morning, and I will share again tomorrow what it looked like on Tuesday morning (today) because even by mid afternoon it was a huge transformation.

The windows and doors throughout are now finished with their trim work. I am so happy with the final look, the header style was a bit of a chance on my end because it had a hard (no round edges) and modern profile, but used in this style it seems to feel right at home. It was my way of adding a modern twist to traditional without being too off the wall.
 photo _MG_4977_zpseb29a4c4.jpg

The railings went in over the weekend and are being painted as we speak. If you look through parkview photos closely you will notice I did not use rounded or curved details in the house, so I went with a straight spindle and post.
 photo _MG_4974_zps8608febb.jpg 

My island was also getting finished yesterday! We used Ikea cabinets for the island, then he built out the exterior for me instead of doing deco panels. I am going to paint it a contrasting color to the cabinets for some pizzazz. Item number 34575 on my to do list for the week.
 photo _MG_4973_zpsfc4d430a.jpg 

This has been my little pet project: turning a previously raised closet into a functional mud room. My finisher was the brains behind the whole thing and even came up with the genius idea of adding a step so little kids can get up on the bench easier, and then a little cubby to slide shoes into! Should be painted today and then I can finish is up.
 photo _MG_4970_zpsd9b5448a.jpg 

It is a far cry from the damaged tile and wood walls it started with.

 photo _MG_4971_zpsdd7cea72.jpg 

Now I just need these lights installed so I can photograph it in good light for you!
 photo _MG_4972_zps5e7d48ad.jpg 

When I have the time, and before I share all the final photos I will track down the layout schematics so you can see how bizarre the layout was, and while we have made it WAYYY more functional, there are still a bunch of twists and turns and long hall ways. 
 photo _MG_4969_zps3e4b8649.jpg 
At the end of one of those hallways is our new laundry room! Lots of cabinets and room to tackle laundry piles like the one waiting for me upstairs...
 photo _MG_4967_zps53920f5c.jpg

I'll be back tomorrow to show you more, but until then happy TUESDAY!!