Hanging Lanterns (inside because I am too lazy to get some electrical going)

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Today's post is proudly brought to you by the laziest or most clever DIYer ever. Realistically it's a mix of both. 

You know how my cavernous vaulted (and spackled, eww!) living room ceiling has been on my to-do list for some time? No, you don't? It's probably because I mentioned that I wanted to plank it about a thousand years ago and you forgot. Life and two other renovations have seemingly taken priority. So it is still in all it's stippled glory.  

I had plans to eventually wire in a light over the living room area once we are up there and working on all the planking (similar to our kitchen/family room area) but the reality is that our roof beam orientation would make it hard and probably not a good idea without moving around a lot of insulation sheets and general annoying renovation work. Have I mentioned that my ceiling in the kitchen is like my favorite thing ever? But putting it up was not. Looking upwards while drilling/nailing/whatever equals a lot of things landing in your eyes and ears and hair and.... well you get it. It SUCKS! So if I can save myself one less thing to do while staring up at that ugly stipple I will. 

So I rounded up some non-electrical lighting. 
 Also known as lanterns.

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These ones came from HomeSense on clearance for $29.99, $23.99 and $11.99.
I liked the chrome finish with the rustic deal of the rope. The chrome matches our entry light perfectly as well which was a nice detail.

So momma rigged up the BIG latter and found those problematic roof beams to screw hooks into ( I will admit this was done through trial and error, as my stud finder also hates stipple as much as I do and refused to cooperate). Which meant a few tiny holes to fill after all was said and done.
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Three lengths of lighting chain adjusted to just slightly different lengths and mounted to the handles was all this project required. I think it drops your line of sight down nicely from the overly boring ceiling to the actual seating area.
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Ta da!!! Look mom, no broken bones!

This photo is kind of off because all the lanterns are directly over the coffee tables which means a particularly tall visitor doesn't have to worry about hitting his head. Although the lowest one is still 6 feet off the ground so even if they weren't exactly on top they are reasonably high enough. 
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I think I actually prefer how substantial these are over the option of just one fixture in here. Because it really is a sadly boring/high ceiling that used to dominate the room.
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I'll show you a bit more of what things look like (and what else needs to be done) tomorrow!

Toodles my noodles.

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