Camouflaged Ink Stains (because kids be messy, yo)

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My favorite couple in the entire world tied the knot this weekend! It was a true celebration of love and the whole day was so touching, but more on that tomorrow! Today we are talking 'what Wren wore'. Because this is a big deal to a girl who believes brides are princesses, and that when she grows up her career of choice will be a princess (only accomplished after finding a prince, according to her). So obviously girl takes her wedding attire pretttttty seriously.

Problem is, Wren was only at the ceremony, not the reception, so mama didn't want to break the bank. In the end we actually came up with something cuter than anything I could've found scouring the mall.
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It started last week when Wren saw this pink dress at a thrift store. $3.99 was what the tag read and I thought it was pretty cute, if a little plain. 
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But on closer inspection I discovered why it ended up at the thrift store. Pen marks.

EVERYWHERE. And if you've dealt with them before on your little one's clothes maybe this can help.
(or maybe not if you have a boy)
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I oxycleaned, soaked it and washed it with half a dozen loads of laundry with no luck. I kept my eyes peeled the rest of the week for another dress but again, no luck and we were too busy to devote much time to it.

So 3 hours before the wedding we got creative and ended up having a blast together picking through our fabric scraps to make some rosettes that would hopefully cover our little inky secret. We used the same technique I showed in this post from scrap week to make a handful of fabric flowers and then hand stitched them right over the pen marks.

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In a little over 20 minutes we covered all the problem areas and managed to burn mommy's fingers on the glue gun about a dozen times. What we don't do to make our kids look cute, right?
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She is so over the moon that she got to pick out the dress as well as the fabric on the flowers that she didn't want to take it off. And she wanted to put it back on first thing in the morning. 
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My happy girl (who can finally rock a braid!!! after being my bald baby for so long)
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I can't wait to show you more of the beautiful details and moments from the wedding tomorrow!

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