Dip Dyed Table

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Is your inner mermaid dying to make a break for it too after yesterday's post? Mine made a little leap for freedom on Monday when Wren and I made a day out of painting our recent finds.

My score was this $10 table and hers was a school desk my mom passed down to us (which I'll try to remember and show here soon)
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She went with a soft purple, I went with Tropical Dream by Behr.
Since we only wanted to add a slight hue to our otherwise white items I bought the sample pot sizes. 
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A coat of high gloss spray paint on everything, although not too thick where I planned on doing the dip dye was all the prep this project needed. Mainly just because I'm cheap and didn't feel like wasting paint.
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My assistant was in full purple mode as we tackled this project together. She definitely commits when she decides to.
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A little painters tape and some light brush strokes was all it took to get the dip-dyed effect. Could I actually have dipped it? I guess, but that seems like a freaking massive amount of work and paint for such a small project. Plus I imagine that to sound like a great idea until you lift the furniture out of the paint and have to deal with runs and drips everywhere. So a good brush and $5 in paint sounded more on my level. 
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I love the subtle, not too bright color of this minty-sea foam hue.
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I don't want to get too crazy, because not much would hold it's own against this rug, but a little color is creeping into here at a slow and not-too-frightening pace. Of course I still require all my basic elements to feel light and bright. But some unoffending hits of color don't seem to be throwing me off yet.
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Have you 'dip dyed' anything yet? I have another small table I'm going to give it a go on in Wren's room I liked this one so much!