CottageK: The bedroom and bathroom

I know most of you are going into your Thanksgiving weekend, and many of you may be travelling today so be safe and have a special weekend!

It may not be Thanksgiving again here in Canada, but I am thankful that we are nearly finished with CottageK and that we have had a wonderful  response so far. I didn't take any before shots because it never even crossed my mind, but Sean and I are just putting the final touches on the basement here that we decided to finish off as well. We did some new laminate floors, added trimwork and beadboard for a brighter, open space. 

But in the meantime, I've been neglecting my hour tour here. So let's talk about the bedroom and bathroom.
 photo blogIMG_8673_zpsec4487d3.jpg 

Before, it was darker with all those old window coverings.
 photo IMG_8067_zps2b3bf14a.jpg 

I think it is a calming, happy space now. I brought in my own antique childhood bed. It is a beautiful piece that I have always loved. These awesome pillow cases from Uncommon Goods add the perfect touch of whimsy.
 photo blogIMG_8678_zpsc6f5b292.jpg 

I ended up not painting my yellow pedestal table, it seemed happy as it was! Plus it ties in nicely with our yellow accents in the kitchen.

For the lovely reader who wanted me to link the light fixture, here it is.
 photo blogIMG_8671_zpsf06ae318.jpg

Our last room to be completed was the bathroom. In fact, I took the afters before it was quite done, and have yet to update the shots. But I think you can see the transformation still on these ones.

Here was the pepto pink bathroom before.
 photo IMG_8066_zps05ab5979.jpg

And a much calmer room after. We did an Ikea vanity and basin (which is impossible to fully shoot!)
some caulking, trim and bath fixtures were yet to be completed here, but I was happy just to see the pink all gone!
 photo blogkimbathroom_zpsf012a5c4.jpg

A HomeSense mirror is a little hit of glam in an otherwise simple, white bathroom.
 photo blogIMG_8612_zpsad74d102.jpg

I apologize because for the life of me I cannot remember the paint color here, but I will check the can and update this post ASAP. 

That tentatively concludes our tour of the happy little place I like to call CottageK! It was a lot of work, but I am so thankful for all your words of support, that totally makes this gig so much more fun. I hope you had fun following this journey. While I love love love working on these houses I do enjoy getting back to normal life for a bit, back to regular blog posting about fun things like clothes, christmas and lots more DIY.