Baby to Big Girl

It's official, our baby is not a baby anymore! Last week while fighting bedtime with all her might our little bird jumped so hard that she literally blew the bottom out of her crib. As much as we didn't feel ready for the big girl bed switch it was staring us dead in the eye. I have many little beds that I have acquired over the year leading up to this event, knowing I would have a hard time deciding. Some are a little more girly and french, some are more cottage-y and some are just unique. I think I knew which one I would use all along, but I am only getting around to painting it this week. I have a couple little extra things I will do to make it her own, but ready or not Wren will be in her first big girl bed by next week!
Here are a few rooms that had saved for inspiration when this day arrived, but I think her's will be quite different from any of these.