DIY weathered basket

I LOOOOVE grey baskets. They are all around the house, holding toys, books, pillows, even bottles. And not so long ago I was asked if I painted them to look like that. I hadn't, but it got me thinking "why shouldn't I?". The baskets weren't expensive but old baskets are one of the cheapest and easiest things to find in thrift stores so I decided to try my hand at one. Starting small, of course.

I picked out this cute little basket for $1.50 because I thought the wire was a nice touch. Like something I would go collect my fresh eggs in, from my imaginary chicken coupe should I ever feel inclined to actually house farm animals.


5 minutes of spraying some light grey paint made a big transformation. Photobucket

Like most woods, wicker doesn't naturally look so even and uniform after being stained. So I took a small paint brush and dipped it in really really watered down cream paint then wiped the basket down. Which gives a little variation in tone as you can see on the top portion here that had been done.


A few more strokes and it was good to go! The size of the basket is perfect for holding mail and keys at the front door, but small baskets have tons of uses so I am sure you will see it cycling through the house.

It looks a little white-er here thanks to our sky-light, but it is the perfect old-grey now, and all for $1.50! Photobucket

And no, our stairs are not done yet, don't judge! I've been too busy painting baskets to get to that... Photobucket