Paint perfect

I know that greys can be such a toughie when picking a wall color. Some are cold, some are too purple, some are beautiful under the flourescent lights at the store (and not at home!), and some are.... well, perfect!

You know I love me some white, but I think white makes a much more dramatic impact when there is a little contrast and grey is usually that color for me. It is soft, gentle and neutral. But since our family room only gets East light (aka morning light) which can be cool, specially in winter months, I wanted a warm toned, beige based grey. I am so glad that I went with sample cans first in here and lived with all of them for 2 weeks to get a feel for what I really wanted. Right off the bat 3 of them just didn't look like I envisioned them (1, 3, 4). I love those colors, just not for here. So it came down to dark and dramatic No.2 and simple No.5.

In the end No.5 was my choice, which you can see in the entire room just a couple posts below. It is definitely the perfect warm beige for this room, and at night with the new recessed lighting is really is cozy and inviting. But I am definitely looking for the perfect place/thing to go to town with No.2 on because that color is amazing, just a little dark for us up here in the North where the sun is known to set at like 3 in the winter.

In the event you have been hunting for the perfect grey and like any of the colors above here are all the details:

No.1 is CIL Snowfield
No. 2 is Martha Stewart Bedford Gray
No. 3 is CIL Touch of Grey
No. 4 is CIL Whiter Shade
No. 5 is CIL Barley Beige

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