Blue blue blue

Well, it's the last day of Blueberry week. I am kind of helter skelter this week so let's just follow my train of thought as it derails, shall we?

I have an Instagram obsession with Audrey Kitching, she is beyond cool and seems to have a lot of fun amidst her hectic life. And her hair changes daily. If I could wake up just once a year and have her bad hair day hair I would be blissful. If anyone makes pink hair look cute and classy it's this girl!

Thanks to Audrey I have fallen in love with rainbow hued hair. Not candy colored Katy Perry hair, but romantic, ombre locks. 

If I were ever brave enough to even consider trying them I would hope they would look like this.

Wouldn't it be awesome to have the freedom to do that? My issue is I would be sick and tired of it in about a week and need someone to fix it back to normal for me. 

So I'll stick to painting things that I don't have to wear on my head indefinitely.
I have done more than my share of blue painted furniture, and I will do many more in the future considering it is my favorite color (white is not a color guys!) but here are a few gems I've seen floating around the internet (sadly most are uncredited so let me know if you know their origin!)




Thanks so much for playing along with me for our Blueberry Week!!!

{ Have a safe and fun weekend }