Scrap Week Blog Party!

Well, I'm happy it's Friday! and I'm even happier that I can see what some of our friends have been working on in our Scrap Week Party!!

My very last Scrap Week project is a simple, easy-as-pie Spring garland.

 photo _MG_4716_zpse884374c.jpg

The only thing you need is one or two hoops of a wire garland like these. I found these ones at my dollar store but I know that most craft stores have them too.
 photo _MG_4603_zps056c8451.jpg

Four easy steps sum this bad boy up.

First, I doubled up my wire garland for a little my substance. It felt bare with just one strand, but this is just personal preference.
 photo _MG_4605_zpse573a77c.jpg

Then I cut a few more of my scraps into little 5 inch by 1 inch strips.
 photo _MG_4606_zps2d0f63bb.jpg

Tie them on in any pattern or frequency you like.
 photo _MG_4609_zps96aecac5.jpg

Then put it where you please!
 photo _MG_4724_zpscc325b0e.jpg
I pinned one to the table cloth and washi taped another to a wall where I am working on a little Easter vignette.
 photo _MG_4713_zpsb014003f.jpg

I love that it is so light weight that you really can just tape it or hang it absolutely anywhere you want a little festive touch of Spring!
 photo _MG_4715_zps82dd0020.jpg

Pretty cute for $1 in materials and 5 minutes of time!
 photo _MG_4707_zps7bb07d24.jpg

Did you work on a project for Scrap Week? Here's where you share with us!
 photo _MG_4543_zps3af59977.jpg

Please stop by and say hello to all the crafty McAwesome folks who took the time to share their projects as well and I hope you enjoyed scrap week as much as I did!!